Hidden Through Time Review

Hidden Through Time Review

Do you like to play hide and seek? Have a knack for finding things? Then Hidden Through Time is just the game for you!

The objective is straight forward in that you need to find hidden objects within each level to progress to the next and with each progress, you go through different eras like the Stone Age and the Middle Ages. However, there is more to it that you might think at first. In each level you are given a list and then you search the screen with your peepers and see if you can find everything on the list.

At the start is quite simple, but as you progress, each of the levels become harder with more on screen to search through and more animations moving about, whether it’s animals like dinosaurs and insects or tribesman and cowboys. There does be a lot happening on screen as you are searching for you requested items. With each click on an object, animal or person, they/it will make a sound related to what you clicked.

As you progress things ramp up in difficulty, not by much but do ramp up. Your list starts to grow as you move to each map and they can be tucked away behind some rugs in a market stall or up in a tree or even in a fishing trap. There will be even times when you need to follow a moving character to grab it off your list.

The visuals in Hidden Through Time consist of these cute little cartoon characters you may find of a kid’s TV show, that go about their business throughout the maps. You will see cavemen hunting dinosaurs, cowboys on the lookout for gold or robbing banks and even see a wizard at Stonehenge. Each of the characters go about their lives while you search about the map and seek out the items/people on your list. The music that accompanies the game is relaxing and soothing at first, it’s little and breezy, but after awhile it can be a bit monotonous. I found myself listening to music on my mp3 player while playing the game, which made it more enjoyable, sadly enough.

To help you on your quest to “catch them all”, you will receive some hints or clues as to where to look. Some of the clues work really well and are straight-forward enough like “it’s a bad idea to leave meat outside” which makes sense to check outside of huts and tents. Then there are those that are really obscure and are left scratching your head after you have found it. As where you found it, was not really where the clue suggested or hinted at. Especially as you reach the last few maps. However, it’s just a matter of trying to find it yourself and only use the clue as a mere suggestion of a location or clue.

Every time you complete a map, you will get a little gold start that lets you move onto the next, however, you will notice a small padlock on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that unlocks once you have found a certain amount of clues on the maps ahead. Once you reached a certain point, you can press the Y button to skip your current map and move on to the next one, if you are ever stuck. Then you can come back later to try and find the ones that you missed, as you won’t get your little gold star until you have found everything on a map.

Once you have completed your journey, what else can you do in Hidden Through time? Well, you can try your hand at building your own maps. There is a handy little Map Editor option in the main menu that lets you create maps for you to enjoy and you can even share them with the rest of the world and see what they think of your creations.

When it came to creating maps, the editor is quite cumbersome and awkward at the best of times and not that easy to get to grips with and it has everything you need to create some wonderful or devilishly hard. I am not the greatest creator when it came to the maps, but thankfully in the community there are. One of the maps I played was a football match and it was well laid out. There are also quite a few creative maps out there and I can’t wait to see what others come up with in the coming weeks.


If puzzle solving and hidden object games are your thing, then Hidden Through Time is a game that you will love to play. While it has a feeling of one and done at times, the Online maps extend the longevity of the game, even if it’s only slightly. I was hoping for a little more in variation when it came to the locations or even time periods but so far, it’s not the case. Who knows if the developers will add more to the game in the coming weeks, but if you are looking for a game that you can chill out and relax, then this is the game for you!

GoG Rating: 7/10

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