eSports Boxing Club


The boxing genre in gaming was always taken care of in the way of the Fight Night series from EA. However, EA seems to have dropped the boxing genre in favour of the MMA world and it’s been close to 10 years since we have had any boxing title, until now! Thankfully, the team over at Steel City Interactive along with Ten24 have heard our pleas with eSports Boxing Club.

So what eSports Boxing Club and is it just another generic boxing game? Well, we are all hoping that it’s going to be more! It’s being touted as in-depth action-RPG based on the journey of a fighter. With the ultimate prize of becoming Champion of the World. I am really hoping that we get a rich and deep dive into the sport and our fighters. I also hope that we get a robust and fuctioning online mode that is easy to setup and invite people to play. While we know some of the game features at the moment, and we recently got a teaser trailer. I do hope we get a deep dive from the team and they will have more to show off in the coming weeks.

So, what do we know so far about eSports Boxing Club? Well, we know that the team has been signing deals with current and former world boxing champions from across the globe, including the likes of Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton, Sunny Edwards and Andrew Moloney, and that’s just the start, with many more being added. They are also partnered with the WBC governing body and The Ring Magazine to help bring real authenticity to the game.

Players from all over the world will be able to take part in broadcasted World Championship fights, with the chance of winning an actual eWBC World Title Belt and being given the opportunity to become the ultimate Ring Champion.


YOUR JOURNEY – Create your fighter! Which offer will you accept? Which contract will you sign? Will you avoid certain fighters or take risks? Create your own Legacy!

A TRUE BOXING RPG EXPERIENCE – Over a dozen attributes for every fighter, from discipline to popularity. ESBC will provide a deep RPG experience.

MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES – Hire your own staff, cut-men, a nutritionist, trainer, navigate your way through the world of Promoters and epic Fight Nights.

LICENSED ROSTER – Current and former world champions including legends of the ring!

eSPORTS WBC & RING MAGAZINE TOURNAMENTS – Fully endorsed online tournaments will feature post-release. Will you claim an officially licensed “eBelt”?

TRUE NEXT-GEN VISUALS – Partnering with Ten24 – The worlds leading digital scan company who were involved in blockbusters such as Death Stranding – Halo – Final Fantasy and many more!

HARDCORE MODE – For the dedicated gamers amongst us, you can now experience a feature that will include aspects that have been overlooked in previous boxing titles.

THE CLUB – An exciting new game mode! More details on this ground-breaking feature will be released soon….

LICENSED SOUNDTRACK – A full soundtrack featuring various artists.

eSports Boxing Club is one game I am looking forward to, especially since we have longed for a boxing game to make a return for years. Does Steel City Interactive have the minerals to do it and leave the ring as the champions of the boxing genre or just be another washed up bum. We will be eagerly awaiting ringside to find out!

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