Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC!


It finally happened! What many YouTubers like Rand al Thor and Colteastwood have reported on it in the past, that PlayStation exclusive titles will come to PC eventually. The backlash that some of them received can now be redeemed as Horzion Zero Dawn is the latest PS4 exclusive that is coming to PC this Summer!

It’s now come to light that Hermen Hulst, formerly the managing director of Guerrilla as openly stated that indeed Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PC this Summer. The full interview can be read over at PlayStation.Blog.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released back in 2017 on the PS4 and was an instant fan favourite, while also received massive praise from the critics. There was also hope that Guerrilla would announce a sequel to Aloys first outing, but to date, still nothing has been hinted or announced. Hopefully after the Summer or perhaps at E3 (god willing, its still going ahead), we will finally get some news!

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